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You are unique. The presenter of this terrific TED talk (speeches about ideas worth sharing! reminds us all that the odds of you being born is 1 in 400 trillion. You have and were given ideas for a reason. If you feel unsatisfied or bored or stuck its your self telling you a basic need of yours is missing. So make things happen! ¬†You owe it to yourself to live a more full and fulfilling life that honors your true authentic and unique self. Live life out of your comfort zone and you’ll expand your opportunities and experiences and enrich your life.

One idea she suggests to break the inertia of sticking to old patterns and habits of the comfortable is to force yourself to get up earlier than you normally do or want to and start your day.

Here are some other key points she suggest:

Get out of your head. Stop overthinking everything. Our self talk is often counterproductive.
Get out of your head. Stop indulging in feelings. Focus on what you want not how you feel.
Get outside of your comfort zone.
Get outside. That’s where the people are.
Mary your impulses to do the inspired with immediate action within 5 seconds otherwise its unlikely to happen.

This is a good point. He or she who hesitates is lost as the saying goes. When we hesitate we give the fearful voice inside us time to talk us out of anything the mind might find to be threatening.

Please watch her great talk and give it some thought. Just not so much thought that you fail to get up, gout out and do new things!


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