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This lesson is here to help us learn how to build a practice of mindful kindness. What we practice grows. Whatever we give our energy to grows. What we feed grows. What we want to encourage through the lessons here at’s Life Mastery Library is a healthier and kinder life for each of us so all of our lives work better and better every day. As Shauna Shapiro in this beautiful video shares, “perfection isn’t possible but transformation is”.

Shauna traveled abroad to a Monastery to learn Mindfulness meditation and shares her understanding of the value of learning to be fully present in each moment and let go of shame and judgement. Shame she explains, doesn’t work. When we feel shame the centers of the brain responsible for learning shuts down because hormones like Cortisol flood the brain diverting its resources to the fight or flight survival areas of the brain and away from other areas responsible for cognitive reasoning. Yet many of us spend lost time from our lives in judgement of ourselves beating ourselves up for not living up to and matching our expectations of what we  believe we should be.  

Reminding us that “what we practice grows stronger”, she continues to explain that it’s not just that we pay attention but how we pay attention.  Do we pay attention with love and kindness towards ourselves and others? What type of awareness do we practice and therefore grow in our lives?

Mindfulness has now be studied by scientists around the world revealing a long list of physical, emotional and other benefits. Being mindful of kindness helps us to truly transform our lives in the way that helps build a healthier happier life.  Kindness Mindfulness is intentionally paying attention with kindness. Learning to be mindful of where we focus our attention as we have discussed in other lessons, gives us the ability to choose the course of our own life because our life moves in the direction of our focus. Now let’s add building a practice of “Kind Attention”.  

One simple exercise Shauna shares is to place one’s hand on one’s heart in the morning and say “good morning” to yourself. Then adding “Good morning, I love you” to yourself.  Feel your love for yourself and be kind from the inside out. It will grow! This really resonates as a good practice to me. Add this simple and powerful exercise to your Golden Hour mindhack we shared with you as well as to the practice of reading your “bottom line why” statement and list of your life goals.  You don’t have to include each of these in every day’s routine you can mix them up some days adding one and others another day. See what works best for you.

What we should have learned:

  • Mindfulness and meditation works to create greater health and happiness.
  • What we practice grows.
  • Focusing on both our attention and intention.
  • Being kind and loving to ourselves each morning.


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