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Where can you find great answers while you surf the web looking for solutions that make your life work better?


We have found that our greatest source of good answers often comes from our networks of friends and coworkers and that is why social media is so very powerful! We have a team researching and entering data and media now to share with you.  We think health and happiness are skills we can teach ourselves and others and every good thing in life flows from these two things. So if you’re working on being healthier and happier we hope you’ll bookmark our site, come back often, and tell your friends about us.


What are we going to share here at 4Answers?

  1. How to improve your ability to focus and get more done.

  2. Natural supplements that help ones natural brain functions perform better.

  3. Where to find nutrient rich foods that reverse disease and aging processes.

  4. How to get started with meditation and how it can help you reduce stress and aging.

  5. Steps to take to be a happier person.

  6. Ways to make money by helping others become healthier happier people.

  7. Great new apps that help build a more sustainable society and planet for everyone.

  8. Inspirational artwork, music and movies to change your mood and your life.

  9. Books written by innovative leaders in the field of health and happiness.

  10. Games and puzzles to help improve brain functions and memory.



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